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Information Security

The advent of the Electronic Medical Record age has brought with it significant challenges to secure patient information and has become a major compliance challenge for the healthcare industry. Organizations, particularly small practices, which had previously not had an information technology infrastructure, are now faced with creating a secure environment which provides readily available access to the patient’s medical records as well as protecting their privacy.

There are several ways in which organizations information can be compromised. Some of these methods are intentional and some are unintentional. Many come from within the organization itself. Among these are:

  • employees inappropriately accessing data
  • malicious software
  • outside interception of instant messages
  • peer-to-peer file sharing

A well-designed Information Security environment is critical for meeting regulatory mandates regarding the protection of this patient health information (phi) as well as an organizations proprietary data without impeding the patients care. Our OnCall managed security services as well as our policies and procedures are designed to educate employees on proper use of information systems and to put sanctions in place where improprieties have occurred.

In addition to our consulting processes Oncore Associates will also provide a variety of technical solutions such as access control, automatic logoff, data loss prevention, secure email, encryption of data both in transit, and at rest, and much more. Included in these solutions is endpoint security enabling you to control access to sensitive information.

Compliance and the mobile workforce

Oncore Associates can guide your organization to implement best practices as well as provide policies and procedures to enable your mobile workforce and to comply with regulatory requirements. We also have an extensive array of methods to protect patient health, and other confidential information as well as enabling connectivity to network resources.

The layered approach to Information Security includes multi-factor authentication, hard disk encryption, end device control, vulnerability management, and reporting.

HIPAA updates as a result of the 2009 stimulus package have broadened privacy and security provisions as well as putting greater emphasis on protected health records.

Contact us to leverage our extensive Information Security solutions for all manner of end users that make it simple and cost-effective to reduce your organizations risks.

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