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HIPAA Compliance

Recent developments resulting from the HITECH Act has made significant changes to HIPAA compliance requirements. Oncore Associates provides your organization with consulting and technology services allowing you to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance to address these changes.

  • Assessment and gap analysis
  • Business Associate readiness assessment
  • Implementation of Privacy and Security standards
  • Interim Privacy and Security officers
  • Training and awareness
  • Post-compliance assurance auditing

Oncore utilizes a step-by-step methodology to perform your organizations’ HIPAA compliance assessment and support you through all phases, delivering either specific services or our complete readiness suite.

Oncore provides initial training complete with a web-based Education & Awareness program. We can also establish ongoing training efforts for new employees and continued compliance. The basic compliance training offered by Oncore will be delivered onsite and we offer extensive additional training online. The employee can login at anytime at his/her convenience and take the self-paced courses.

The recent Economic Stimulus Act enacts more stringent requirements for business associates. A business associate is defined as any individual or organization that provides services to a covered entity. There are obvious business associates, such as medical billing, record storage organizations, attorneys, etc., but the not so obvious business associates include cleaning services and marketing consultants. Oncore will perform a Business Associates Assessment to determine if your business associates are compliant.

HIPAA compliance is a dynamic process requiring continuous review of staff, process, and technology. Our HIPAA compliance is a combination of business as well as technical solutions designed to work harmoniously to achieve and maintain your compliance.  

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