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Electronic Medical Records / Practice Management

The implementation of an Electronic Medical Record solution is a daunting task even when committing full-time resources to the project. Also factor in that as a healthcare provider your focus needs to be on patient care and it is no wonder physicians feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of such an undertaking.

In addition to the project management and implementation demands of the Electronic Medical Record solution many physicians cite financial considerations as a prohibiting factor in the adoption of this technology. There are also Information Technology considerations such as creation of a new infrastructure or upgrading an existing one to support the EMR implementation.

At Oncore Associates we are committed to bringing you solutions designed to alleviate you of these burdens and allow you to focus on patient care. After all, isn't that why you chose to practice medicine?

Without even considering the possibility of stimulus money there are a myriad other reasons why the EMR solution is beneficial to your practice. Among them:

  • Full automation of clinical documentation
  • Solutions customized to you workflow
  • Decision support tools
  • Drug interaction alerts
  • Electronic prescribing capabilities
  • Leading voice-recognition software integration
  • Patient education

These are just a few of the benefits you will receive from an EMR solution. When you add in a fully integrated Practice Management solution you will enjoy additional benefits such as optimizing your accounts receivable and reducing revenue loss due to improper coding. The complete EMR/PM solution allows facilitating better patient care and an increased revenue stream throughout the entire patient encounter.

Professional Services

In the event that you decide to choose your EMR system independent of Oncore, we can still act as your advisor through the implementation process by analyzing your individual needs, narrowing the options based on those needs, coordinating demonstrations, negotiating on your behalf and advising you on final selection

There are many different EMR systems on the market today, and even after a system is selected, there still remain many challenges and questions. For instance, how do you deal with returning patients and their charts? What about interfacing the new system with your existing practice management system, local hospital(s), local labs, etc.? What happens to faxes and other correspondence? How much training does your staff require? With Oncore as your EMR advisor, we can assist you in selecting the right system in order to save your practice a significant amount of money, increase your reimbursements and improve the quality of patient care.

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