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Services - Managed Security

Change Management

Manage and approve change in IT hardware, software, and documentation.

Data Encryption

We employ a variety of data encryption technologies designed to secure your confidential organizational data as well as ePHI (electronic Patient Health Information). These methods range from full disk to file level encryption. As with all of our solutions we will choose the methodology to fit your unique requirements.

Event Management

Our security personnel will monitor, identify, and respond to issues regarding both external and internal threats.

Firewall & VPN

After assessment of your infrastructure we will recommend and install the appropriate security appliance enabling protection of your resources as well as secure access from remote workers. Once installed management of this device will be accomplished via our managed services solution.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Our Intrusion Detection/Prevention systems focus on identifying possible threats security incidents, logging information about said incidents, attempting to stop them and reporting them to our security administrators. This Intrusion Detection/Prevention system is also used for other purposes such as identifying problems with security policies and deterring individuals from violating these policies. It is also used to document existing threats.

Malware Protection

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-spyware

We will install, as well as monitor the above security solutions to protect against software vulnerabilities, malicious code threats, and unwanted software. Definitions for these solutions are continually updated to ensure protection.

Patch Management

With the number of security threats and vulnerabilities increasing at alarming rates software vendors are also releasing hot fixes and updates more frequently. Our OnGuard managed security service will identify missing patches and service packs on vulnerable systems and deploy them remotely with no intervention on your part required.

Automatic log-off

We will configure your workstation to log off after a predefined period of inactivity, or provide you with an optional solution which logs off when you leave the proximity of your system. To log back on simply reauthenticate via fingerprint scanner and resume your session exactly where you left off.

Multi-factor authentication

This enhanced authentication method requires the user to both know their logon credentials (password) as well as possess an additional authenticator such as a smart card or USB token.

Vulnerability Assessment

In conjunction with our risk analysis for your network we will perform an in-depth scan for security weaknesses utilizing a database containing known vulnerabilities as well as being continually updated for the latest threats.

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